Airline Travel

Air travel these days can be quite complicated and time consuming. How does one get the best price for an airline ticket? How can you make the waiting process at the terminal less time-consuming? What airlines offer what kind of entertainment, food, and comfort services?

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, airline travel has become more complicated, though it is helpful to remember that these security measures may save lives, including your own. And, if you’ve got internet access, shopping for cheap airfare, finding an airline ticket with your preferred airline, and many other air travel concerns can be handled before you even leave your home or office. The key is to put in some time and effort in advance, so that you’re airline travel experience will be more enjoyable.

First, always search for your airfare, whether it’s online, through an agent, or through business contacts, as soon as possible. This will make it easier for you to get a low price on your airline ticket. It will also be easier to arrange special needs that you may have, including seating arrangements, diet, and medical equipment, that can be more difficult to maneuver with air travel. Almost all airlines are sensitive to these needs, as long as you give them enough time to accommodate you.

As for waiting in the terminal, unfortunately there’s little that can be done about this, especially during the holiday season or peak travel times. What you can do in order to minimize this wait includes packing as little as possible for your trip – lots of bags means more time checking them and possibly having them searched. Know in advance what items are not allowed for air travel, and don’t carry anything that could be construed as a dangerous object. Don’t wear a lot of jewelry, athletic shoes, or metallic objects, since this could set off metal detectors and keep you in the same place for awhile longer.

Always be sure to label your luggage carefully, especially if you opt to save time with curbside check-in, and try to use luggage with rollers to get you through the terminal quickly.

And remember, everyone else is waiting too, and it is better to do so than to fly without the safety measures that protect us in the air.