Interesting Reasons to Make Java Island Your Holiday Destination

10 Facts that Define Java Island

Java Island is located in Indonesia and almost lying at the equator. It has about 2/3 of the total population of Indonesia despite being just a seventh of the total area of the country. But due to its political and economic power, it has been dominating since. Also, it has a high cultural influence being the center of the Hindu and Buddhist empires for a long time. It is where campaigns for independence began.

For this, Java has grown to be famous around the world.

Some facts that define Java Island include the following:

Inhabiting About 60% of the Population in Indonesia

Despite the small size of Java, only a seventh of the total country’s area, it has the potential to hold a population of more than half of the whole country. With the big population on the island, it`s also a fact that 60% of the population on the island is from other ethnic groups in the country. On the island, you will find almost all the ethnic groups settled there.

An Island of Many Dialects

Filled with many ethnic groups, you can expect the many dialects here. You won’t be surprised to find everyone speaking at least two languages fluently in Java. Being the main island in the country due to its strategic place and formation, I am sure you will not have problems with people understanding English or able to translate Javanese to English. Even though not everyone can speak Javanese, expect a large number to understand the language.

A Religious Island

Java has a wide variety of religions practiced by its inhabitants: Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and Christians. The religions are embraced and respected by all people on the island. However, Islam is most popular than other religions. The Buddhists and Hindus are known to have large temples where they conduct their worship.

A Ceremonial Island with Various Cultural Festivals

With many cultures in Java, there are many ceremonies that you don’t want to miss when you visit the place. Each of the ceremonies has its purpose and plays an important role in for the people in Java celebrating it. The ceremonies also act as a way to attract many tourists to the place due to their art performance, their traditional dance, and the Java fashion they preserve. Some of these ceremonies include;

  • Tawar Agung
  • GandrungSewu
  • KarapanSapi
  • Pasola
  • Tidole festival
  • Waisak
  • Jazz on Festival
  • Fashion DanauSentani
  • Jember Fashion Carnival

Has One Of The Seven Wonders of The World

Borobudur on Java Island is one of the world’s wonders because of its magnificent Buddhist temple. It is also the world’s biggest temple. Other places to visit in your course also include the Prambanan.

It’s A Home of Volcanic Events

With the very many volcanic eruptions in Java, Java Island has been known to be very active in the eruptions. Mount Merapi, Kelud, and Lawu are known to have a chain of volcanic activities. With 33 known volcanic activities over the years, the island itself is formed from the activities relating to volcanic eruptions.

Fascinating Javanese Culture

Javanese people are well-mannered and well-behaved. From their childhood, they are trained to eat while sitting and never to stand during eating. Again, when eating, using their plates and spoons, they eat very carefully to avoid the noise from hitting the plate with the spoon. Any noise that is annoying while eating is highly prohibited. Thus, when in Java Island, do not be surprised to find a sited crowd at a party.

Myth Guided Island

Java Island has some famous myths that they observe in their daily life activities. They believe that if a person sits on a pillow, he/she will get a boil on their backs. The other myth is that if a single girl sat in front of the door would repel the boy who would marry her; then she would be single forever. The myths probably have a deeper meaning to the locals who guide them on how-to live-in society.

Javanese Polite Culture

The same way they are mannered during eating, they are known to be polite to each other and other people too. They are ready to excuse themselves politely and also very calm when making their way through a crowd. Their culture guides them to observe the rights and wrongs in the community.

It’s an Island with Astrology

The island has astrology known as the Weton. It helps them estimate a person’s destiny, personality, or nature. It helps them in being careful with what they are doing. As a visitor, you could have your destiny predicted by the famous astrology.

Spending some time with the people in Java would make you learn more than you expected. During your visiting in the fifth largest island in Indonesia, going through the cities on the island is a good idea. Having the feeling of a new environment and watching the scenery on the beaches of the cities adds to your enjoyment. We learn more by watching and engaging with people, and a tour in Java is a guarantee to learn something new.